Fall’s Biggest Color Trends Are So Fun to Wear, We Can’t Be Bothered With Black

It’s not that we don’t love an all-black outfit; one of those can certainly help us achieve a mood when necessary. But when Fall’s seven biggest colors involve impactful jewel tones and good ol’ hot pink, we’re less thrilled about putting on clothes that are so much more mundane. So, what palette should you stick to? This season, we’re seeing burgundy, mustard, and electric blue bubble up for those of you who like a high-impact look. But these shades are balanced out by subtler hues, including camel, soft sage, and lilac, so there’s really something in the mix for everyone.
Finally, hot pink has a strong presence no matter where you look. So while it may seem like the odd one out, give it a chance and it might just brighten up your Wednesday. (JK, you’re totally allowed to wear pink on other days of the week, too.) After all, with all the pouf-sleeved poplin house dresses we’re seeing in the high-spirited colorway, there couldn’t be a better hot-ticket item to invest in if you really want to make a vibrant statement while also showing that you’re in the know when it comes to the color wheel. Ahead, we show you exactly which tints we’re shopping for so you can follow suit.


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