A Love Letter to My UGGs, the Most Faithful Member of My Shoe Closet

I’ve been wearing UGG boots for as long as I can remember. My grandmother lives in a sleepy California surf town, and when I was growing up, you could only get UGG boots at surf shops. The surfers wore them after they got out of the freezing Pacific Ocean, and my mom thought they were brilliant. My whole family, a bunch of impeccably dressed people, wore them constantly around the house, so years later when they became more mainstream and recognizable, we weren’t surprised. Even though they’ve had their moments of glory and disdain, I’ve never not owned at least one pair, and they are probably my most favorite shoe ever.
I’m a fan of the classic UGG boot, and I like them because, unlike slippers, my ankles don’t get cold. Since I’ve been home, they are really the only shoes I’m wearing. The shearling is deliciously comfortable, and makes me so happy every time I slip into them. I have no qualms about wearing a summer dress with my UGGs, and I have a feeling that as the weather gets colder, they’ll continue to be my go-to shoe. Especially since I’m not leaving the house much, I almost exclusively wear my UGGs. I’ve never found anything more comfortable than my boots, and I will never let them go, except maybe for a fresh pair.


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